Wednesday, April 23, 2014

S - Secret Keeper

If you want your secret kept safe, just tell me. I am a good listener, and would never utter a word to anyone. And the best part is, I would not give you any unwanted advice.

Since Childhood through today
However innocent our faces were, my group of friends were the most notorious lot. And pranks had to be planned. I had that capability - to be part of it all, but not a hint of it would show on my face. I was usually assigned the task at the climax, for I could keep a straight face.

Later, as we grew up, most of us developed crushes on someone or the other, and there's a charm of keeping it secret from the person in question. But when cupid strikes and with a fluttering heart, you just cannot do without sharing it with someone. Needless to say, the trusted confidante would be me.

In the very first year of college, I had guarded a similar fact about a girl, even from my closest friends. When the affair surfaced, everyone secretly developed a respect for me - "This is a non-porous repository."

Till today, I am the confession box for many. I carry with myself lots of secrets dumped with me - some shared to relieve stress, some to test impacts of wild ideas, and more.

Sorry, it doesn't apply to myself
However silly it may sound, I am a complete flop show when it comes to guard my own secrets. When troubled, it shows so much on my face that people around me start worrying. I wont say anything if I choose not to, but you'd know something is wrong. Lend me your shoulder, and soon, I'll be up and going.

Can you keep secrets well?
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Cifar said...

It's a very good quality,only few possess this power.

T for Turbulence

blogger said...

Same here... Can't hide one's own emotions.
Nice blog!

Ranita Sinha said...

I am ditto..I am good at keeping others' secrets but when it comes to mine it shows in my not it silly???:)

Shonna Slayton said...

You are a good friend to have! I like the term "confession box." #atozchallenge