Tuesday, April 08, 2014

G reminds me of Gambles

Everyone has to take gambles at some stage in his life, but  on hindsight, all my decisions have
been so!  Oops!

First choice I got to make in life was that of 3rd language in 7th standard.  I chose Sanskrit mostly because I knew nothing about it. I ended up with a completely new group of class fellows, gelling with them seemed like a Herculean task. Today I remember nothing significant of the subject, but I still have a loving set of friends.

In my urge to do things differently, I took up Mechanics in 10th. Years later, allow me to admit that it was again a big risk for I had no idea what it was all about.

My decision to train as an Architect was a surprise for me as well,  for I possessed very limited sketching skills.  Today I teach the subject to youngsters,  so it must be a gamble that has paid off well.

Transforming into a transport planner was a risky action too,  but I am still surviving in my job. :-P.

Taking up blogging was perhaps not a gamble, it is my way of telling you who I am,  what holds the key to my soul and more.

Here's hoping all your future ventures pay off ! May the same hold true for mine as well!
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