Thursday, April 10, 2014

I - "Its my Life"

Its my life.

I needed Bon Jovi (a singer you cannot help liking) to teach me this small, yet effective phrase. I learned the hard way, but I did learn it. This lesson is one of the magic solutions when things around me do not exactly favour me. Its my life, and I need to take charge of it

When you live in a society, you have to abide by some rules. Some would appear perfectly ridiculous, but yet, to let peace prevail, you give in. But you can still be happy. Adjustment is not giving up one's happiness. And what gives you happiness is actually known only to you. So its only you who can rule the roost, isnt it?

Preach what I may, I am perhaps the most vulnerable and jittery being in the universe when faced with adversity. Somewhere my soul would turn around and say, "Take charge of your life" and soon, I'd be composed, trying to decide on the best course of action given the present situation.

Take it from me - do what you like to do, even if you have to do many more things you would rather not do.

Keep smiling!

Elections are in the air in India at present, and if we are all to take charge of our lives, we must vote! 
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Stephanie Faris said...

I think we definitely spend far too much time worrying what others think, when all that really matters is what we think, especially when it comes to our own decisions.

Unknown said...

Well written. Every one who we meet has some role in our life.