Tuesday, April 15, 2014

M is Motivate

"Your topic is the best one in not only your batch, but the whole university!", I told a young student, encouraging him to work hard. He had taken up a World Trade Centre as his thesis topic, which was appearing too daunting for him. Something in my words changed the way he felt about his project, and his final submissions went off very well.

I have a rare achievement of scoring a perfect 100 in Mathematics in my board examinations, and irrespective of the fact that it was 18 years ago, I still get requests from parents to guide their children in the subject they tend to dread. "If you solve a problem correctly in Maths, you'll get full marks. Isn't that exciting?", I tell the children.

There was a member in my project team who could not deliver, in spite of all his intelligence. Wondering whether he was going through personal problems, I chose to have a one-to-one discussion with him. It turned out that constant criticism was pushing him to a shell. I gave him some pep talk, offered to reduce his load, gave him critical responsibilities, and finally, could bring out the best in him.

Everyone could do with a bit of motivation, isnt it? 

There is another story pertaining to M I must share:

Law number 49 of the Indian Penal code relates to mad people. And the point to note is my house number is 49. So now you know where my madness stems from?
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Preethi Venugopala said...

An inspiring post.... It is indeed wonderful that you are a motivator. They will be grateful forever...:)

Silvia Writes said...

Yes, I know I need it badly, especially at the half-point of the Challenge. :)
Interesting, your mad story.
Silvia @

Unknown said...

Very motivating write up.