Sunday, April 01, 2018

A - Alarms!

If there is something I hate, it is Alarms!

People who have known me beforehand are aware that I can sleep off almost at will - all I would need is a horizontal surface! Honestly, if I am sleepy, no amount of rock music, loud television, people partying around, and all the noisiest things you can imagine can make any difference. I would curl up somewhere and be in another world in few seconds.

Its best not to try to wake me midway my sleep. My husband and few others would tell you why - they claim that I respond pretty nastily, and also wouldn't get up. What is worse, I have no memory of the episode! 

But there's something even my deepest sleep cannot combat - the shrill sound of an alarm clock. My eyes open like magic in response to the ring, and I would be up and working.

While studying in college, my friends would be amazed at my 15 minute sleep breaks - they are witnesses of my being asleep almost immediately after I stretched out, and alert the moment the alarm went off!

Although alarms have helped me to be available for all that I needed to be there for, I hate them for ending my much coveted sleep!
I haven't blogged for a while. I took up the A-Z challenge mainly to get the habit back. Stay tuned!
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