Thursday, April 05, 2018

E- going Electronic

E-mail, E-payments, E-Commerce and more - our lives revolve around these nowadays.

I still remember the day my friend told me about Electronic mail, and how sceptical I was to accept its utility. Nevertheless, she dragged me to a cyber café, which was rare those days, and made me create my very first e-mail account.

The Indian Government is also oriented towards making transactions digital, which has had a very strong impact on my life.

Today I seek for electronic options for everything I do – be it paying bills, shopping, booking tickets, hiring cabs and more. It saves so much of my time and allows me the flexibility of multi-tasking – I can take care of many responsibilities through few clicks. If I have to make a payment, however small, I’ll go for the electronic option if available, use my credit card or e-wallet.

The very mention of credit cards makes me realize that making payments has undergone a paradigm shift in my life. The use of credit cards, online transfers, apps and likewise rule the way I choose to complete my transactions.

Also, my work profile also essentially revolves around e-mails and meetings over video conferencing.

I have gone very electronic. Have you?
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