Monday, April 09, 2018

H- Holidays

Amidst our busy daily lives, a thing to look forward to is an upcoming holiday, isnt it?

It could even mean the weekend. On weekdays, I am running against time right from getting up in the morning to dropping back to bed at night, after a tiring day at work, travelling, etc – it seems there are so many tasks so much to do and such limited time. Weekends are mostly synonymous with lots of housework, but these are the days I can catch up on missed sleep, find time for shopping and doing things I like.

Because my parents and most of my relatives live away from me, I look forward to taking a break and going home from time to time to catch up. I love being in my hometown, Calcutta (nowadays Kolkata) and hate coming back.

And if we are not going home, my husband and I plan trips where we can relax and rejuvenate ourselves.  Preparing for such trips is also so much fun – gathering information, evaluating options, preparing itineraries and more – the excitement begins right from the day both of us arrive at a consensus of destination.

How do you prefer to unwind?
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