Monday, April 30, 2018

Z- Zeal

What helps us grow as an individual or professional is our zeal to improve, something everyone should have. There is indeed no end to learning. We should be open and ready to accept it if we do not know something, and learn.

Of course, we should be able to judge ourselves and identify the areas we lack. It could be enhancement of one’s skills or aspiration for better quality of life.

Having said all of that, allow me to admit that I am someone who lacks this zeal. It is not as if I don’t put my best effort in whatever I do. Or that I do not have aspirations. But I am someone who loves to be in her comfort zone, and am unwilling to take risks, such as changing jobs, etc. I would try to make the best of what I have, and try to carry on life the way it was.

If I were to achieve something big, I would plan for it, albeit slowly – save money (or credit card points or whatever). It happens often with me that when I have managed to save enough, either the price of my desired product would have increased, or it would no longer be available in market or it would have lost relevance in my life because of changes that have happened in my life in the meantime.

Are you like me?
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