Saturday, April 28, 2018

Y- Yield point

Have you ever wondered when you tend to lose your cool? You would rarely find me fretting.  I try my best not to get angry or frustrated about any situation, and try to think with a balanced head about the available alternatives and decide the next course of action.

Initially I was not like this, and would get worked up at the slightest provocation. But much to my disappointment, I realized that the impact of my screaming on someone was little and shortlived, whereas a lot of my energy had been invested. What is worse, the same points could easily be conveyed in a normal voice, albeit firmly.

There are no doubts about the ill effects of losing one’s temper. Your blood pressure rises, you may end up speaking unkind words, and more. “Anger is just one alphabet short of Danger”, remember that.

I have stretched my yield point deliberately. It saves me from incurring lot of stress, and has helped me create the impression of a level headed person. Also, people take serious note of me when I eventually cannot take it anymore and blast it out.

Can you manage your temper well?
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