Thursday, April 26, 2018

W - Wardrobe

Let us begin in flashback:

A friend of mine had come over to Delhi and was staying at her cousin’s place. She invited me over, to which I readily agreed. We enjoyed the evening thoroughly but when it was time for me to leave, we found it was stormy. Soon began incessant rain. We waited and waited, but the weather would not settle, until it was very late at night. My friend’s cousin came forward as a good host and offered me to stay over, and also offered me a T-shirt for me to change.

When he opened his cupboard, I was left open-mouthed – it was so neatly arranged! Clothes were ironed and segregated in an orderly way. So far I used to think that men of all ages are essentially lazy, and their wardrobes are likely to be untidy. When I could not hold back my surprise, he told me, “It takes so much lesser space if you keep things properly and finding anything becomes easy too”.

A lesson learnt well.

Even today, I try to keep my belongings neatly. I admit it gets messy over time, but I take time out to re-arrange my stuff periodically. A neat wardrobe is the sign of an organized mind, I tell myself.

Do you have a neat wardrobe?

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