Wednesday, April 25, 2018

V- Venturous

I am somone who is willing to take a few risks. Although I may be sceptical initially, I would take a try. Some of these (ad)venturous steps have worked for me in reality. Thinking out of the box and stepping out of one’s comfort zone is the key.

Our Sports Teacher had asked me if I would be interested in joining the School Rowing Team. They needed someone who knew swimming. I didn’t know how I would fare at the sport, but I agreed to go for selection. And not only did I row in the tournament, I enrolled myself in the Rowing Club and went on to win many competitions.

My decision to study Architecture was also one such venture for me – no one in my circle had studied the subject, and I had very vague idea about the different roles I could play. I had taken the selection test thinking my good handwriting and fair sketching skills would come in handy. I couldn’t believe my ears when I was informed that I had been selected!

I may be working as a Transport Planner presently, but my training facilitates my visualization of a project better and also enhances my presentation skills. Today, I have the experience of teaching many students, guiding them to design their projects with practical knowledge and also taking examinations as external faculty.

Have you taken some risks in your life that have worked for you in the long run?
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