Thursday, April 12, 2018

K - Kitchens

Sounds strange, coming from me, is it? I am someone who is unwilling to devote too much time in the kitchen and would prefer doing all other housework other than the regular day to day cooking. I am fairly good at preparing certain dishes and take interest in trying out new recipes, but it has to fulfil the sole criteria of requiring optimal time and effort.
Other than  I am an architect and the design of a kitchen interests me much. If I visit someone, I would seek permission to visit the kitchen, to observe how it functions and look for new ideas. [I have done this in some restaurants too!]

Say what we may, do whatever we want, our kitchens are the most important part in our homes. Especially for me, because my day begins from there – from the very first glass of water in the morning to checking the gas connection for the last time at night.

Nowadays, modular kitchens have become popular as our utensils and related accessories can be stored in a neat and organized fashion. Dining spaces are often an extension of the cooking space – so that food can be served hot. Even new colour schemes have changed the way kitchens integrate themselves with rest of the apartment.
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