Monday, April 02, 2018

B - Bus

My prompt reply whenever somebody asks me about my profession would almost invariably be “I am a bus driver”.. and while your expression changes from inquisitive to surprised, I add that I could as well be a conductor.

I have been working in urban public transport planning for long, and nowadays am actively looking into bus operations. So that’s why I tend to say that I operate the buses, and my role is as crucial as that of crew members.

It’s a hectic job, but I love it. And because I deal with services, I receive all suggestions and requests pertaining to extension or any other modification to existing services and inter alia, all grievances too. Everyone in my office knows where to direct these inputs. So if you ring up my office and say “Bus”, you would be talking to me probably before you have completed pronouncing the word.

Also, I have travelled all over the city because of my current profile and know the city map better than I know my hometown!

Although I may sound like an expert, it is true that there’s still a long way to learn from me. Watching our seniors makes me realize this all the more.

My life indeed revolves round the bus, and my friends fondly call me “Bus Girl”.
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