Friday, April 13, 2018

L- Letters

Letter writing has become an obsolete art with the growing popularity of e-mails, texting applications, social media and more. But this has been part of life since my childhood.

I have grown up watching my Granny write letters to my Uncle who lived in England, and waiting for his replies. When Granny was ill, I would be her scribe – she would dictate, and I would transfer the spoken words verbatim to the letter. When I was in Delhi pursuing higher studies, Granny would send me letters full of guidance and love. I still have most of them preserved with me.

I also developed a fondness for letter writing – I had few pen friends. I had never met them, and we would not be able to recognize each other had we crossed paths ever. But we used to pour out our hearts, perhaps because the fact that the other person would not be judgemental provided a comfort cushion.

Letter writing is not only about writing few words on a paper. A friend of mine used to write amazing letters, mostly in graphics – creating tiny sketches depicting each aspect. As children, we had fancy for writing letters in code language, sometimes in invisible ink, etc.
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