Friday, April 06, 2018

F- Failures

Scene 1: I sat staring at the score against Mathematics on my Grade V report card, wondering what to tell my parents.

Scene 2: About five years later. I hold up a marksheet, smiling broadly, pointing at the score against the same subject. A perfect 100/100 seems to shine over all the other subjects.

It sounds as cliche as ever, but it is so true. Failure is indeed the pillar of success.

People narrate their success stories, I tell tales of my failure too. These are experiences that stay with you, and let you think over, realize what you did wrong and try to correct it.

However, let me confess, things don’t always work that way. I am someone completely in love with myself – In retrospect, when you are supposed to be truthful to yourself, I tend to  glorify myself to my own soul, telling myself that “whatever I had done was the best I could do, and the most sensible thing to do. If the situation did not work out in my favour, it is unfortunate and not really my fault.”

What about you? How do you cope with failure?
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Jz said...

There are lessons in everything, even failures.
So I try to learn - and I try to make a good story from it. Because there's always a silver lining...

Happy A-Z'ing!

Shirley Corder said...

Well done! My first nursing examination, I lay on my bed and read love stories while my room-mate studied. She got honours. I failed.
That was the first and last failure! From then on I studied too! How a Fitbit helps improve your life.