Monday, April 21, 2014

R for Rowing

 Now, this is something very few people know about me - I was a rower! 

I was part of the Swimming team of my school, and when the Rowing team was being formed, I was sort of automatically inducted. It was something that was God had planned, for Rowing clicked for me instantly. For once, my broad structure helped me, and I excelled. 

I joined the Rowing Club after the Interschool championship, much against the wishes of my parents. Every morning I'd get  up and go for practice. I had completed school and joined Architecture, a course that requires one to prepare detailed drawings. I was an organized student - I'd start work way ahead of my classmates, row in the morning, go to college, work in the evening, sleep late, get up early and back. So much so, my work would be ready before others and I often helped others after that.

I was a good team member and sportsperson. My fellow rowers would forbid their teams to talk to others for fear of letting their strategies slip, but I'd do no such thing. I just asked my team to give in their best, and that's what worked. 

I gave up Rowing in the 3rd year of my college (had to make a choice between studies and sports). I had won many races, here are some of the medals and cups I had won, of which two are from State Olympics. 

History repeats:
When in Bhopal for work, we had taken a recreational break for boating in the vast Upper Lake. I was claiming that I could do it all, when the navigator let the oars down suddenly and asked me to demonstrate my skills. I had to! You can read about the trip here. Till then, here's a photo for you!

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Stephanie Faris said...

Our friend's daughter is on the rowing team in East Tennessee. It's amazing how competitive it is! And such hard work. It requires some real upper-body strength to do that, I imagine.

carol said...

I've been wanting to try rowing. It looks like hard work, but fun too.