Saturday, April 07, 2018

G - Glitches

My Dad’s favourite phrase is “Man proposes, God disposes”.

How true this has been in my life. Life seems to go on smoothly when I do not plan, and go on with the natural flow of daily activities. But much to my disappointment, things would go haywire when everything appears to be in place and I am sure that I have it all sorted out.

Just one example will tell you this. We had planned a weekend getaway in August, well after the monsoons in Delhi. But it rained so much that day that my co-passengers could not reach in time. I cancelled the tickets, learning the hard way that Plans do flop ! (Do read it)

I have experienced and witnessed many tales of missing flights, absolutely-made-in-heaven-marriages being called off, data not showing during important meetings, etc. etc. .. mostly for reasons completely out of control and completely unexpected.

How does one deal with glitches??

Its not as if I don’t plan. I still prepare, to the best of my ability. But now I have accepted that the most immaculately made plans may go wrong too. I try to have a Plan B too, if my plan A goes wrong.
What is your strategy?
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Karen said...

So many times in life things don't go as planned. Developing resiliency and learning to adapt are important life skills. Weekends In Maine

ashok said...

Take it easy policy :)