Monday, April 21, 2014

Q is for Questioning Minds

On a foggy winter morning, I was travelling by a bus to work. There was a school boy in the seat ahead of me, accompanied by his mother. He turned back when I slid in, and I noticed the handsome child was, unfortunately, blind.

All along the journey, the boy kept asking questions- things which we see everyday, but do not notice. Since the fog was thick, perhaps we were almost in the same position as him - we could not see the beautiful world around us, although we inhabited it. The child's incessant questions compelled me to re-look at life.

This post is not about free advice.

I've observed many a child after that - they ask so many questions, sometimes over and over. I admit its difficult to sustain constant bombardment, but I cannot agree when the parents snub their children. Comeon, its their formative years and if they do not question the world, who will?

We should all have inquisitive minds.
Do not accept things just the way they are. Ask why. Atleast think why. Then if it appears acceptable, let it be. If not, question it. There is nothing that is right or wrong -it is just what has been taught to us over generations. Lot of things have evolved over time, and there is still a long way to go.
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Unknown said...

Very touching story. A nice take on today's alphabet.

susan e. schwartz, ph.d., Jungian analyst said...

Why also implies there may be no answer.
Thank you,
Garden of Eden Blog

Unknown said...

Great story! I try so hard to answer all of my kids questions, but if I can't...we ask google and look up the answer and then I have learned something too! ♥

Lux G. said...

good point. very enlightening story too.