Thursday, April 19, 2018

Q - Quality

Are you a quality freak? Do simple things such as spelling mistakes irritate you?

In today's times of texting, I observe the growing popularity of abbreviations, sometimes to the extent that one cannot make out the actual word.

I was always someone who is obsessed about correct grammar, spellings and all minute details. My schooling had ingrained this in me, wherein the correct formatting and punctuation was given a lot of importance. Today, when a document produced by me is applauded for its overall appeal as well as its content, I silently thank my teachers who drilled many qualities in my mind.
My training as an architect enhanced this inclination even more. Not only does every line have a meaning, their thicknesses also vary with their relevance. I remember working with an architectural firm which made me draw 26 sections of a kitchen of a small apartment, to explain all the necessary details, architectural, plumbing and electrical.
During my teaching days, once I was examining answer scripts of Architecture, I had to try hard to control myself from deducting marks for careless mistakes, and focus on the technical aspects.

I always tell people whom I can influence, such as my friends, juniors and students to put in their very best shot and try to not give anyone the opportunity to criticize. It may or may not meet the requirement or achieve the desired result, but at least, you have the satisfaction of having given your best. Also one must observe and learn from mistakes to improve.   
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Jo said...

I hate to read books whether paper or electronic which contain errors, it drives me nuts. I too was well taught at school and don't like to see the way language is deteriorating today.

lissa said...

I suppose I am a quality control freak because I would always correct my mistakes even when something is finished and no one cares about the mistake. I see nothing wrong in wanting to perfect something. I heard somewhere that says, 'you can't reach perfection but you can try,' so I would always try.

have a lovely day.

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Liz A. said...

Ah yes, mistakes do irritate. Although, the more one does, the more I find I just made one... There's an internet law. I forget what it's called. But it goes something like the more you complain about someone else's grammar, the more likely you've made a grammar mistake in the complaint.