Saturday, April 21, 2018

S- growing Senior

“With great power, comes great responsibility” is a popular saying. So can be said as we become senior by age or grow in our careers.

Time flies by and we gradually traverse the journey from our childhood to adolescence, adulthood and

finally old age. Give it a thought and you will realize the way we interact with the rest of the world also changes.. from a cuddly baby we become a sweet old person.

I remember the day my manager asked me to dictate a letter to our secretary. Till then, I had been drafting letters myself and never taken assistance of a stenographer. I actually re-verified from my senior that I was eligible to ask someone to work for me. It made me feel as if I had risen one level up.

Yes, as we have grown from the grass root level, our roles have gradually transformed to a managing role – we receive instructions from our managers, delegate work to our juniors, finish the work received from them, and again transmit the final result to the source of the requirement. This is no easy task. Those of us in the senior management face challenges such as accomplishments in line with the company’s growth, something that can be achieved by someone with relevant experience and necessary qualities.

What is your take?
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