Monday, April 23, 2018

T- Tailoring

Do you know that I can cut up a piece of cloth and stitch a dress? There was one time when I used to design and tailor my own clothes.

The interest in tailoring was ingrained by my Granny, who tried to teach some basics of stitching and knitting to both me and my brother, telling us that this knowledge could come in handy anytime. However, I was the only one who took interest. She owned an old sewing machine and the sheer pleasure of operating it and watching the cloth move through the machine captured my awe.

During a fairly long break in school, my Dad sent me to learn tailoring from a lady who gave classes near my home, just to keep me occupied. I showed considerable flourish in the art and learnt different ways to cut cloth. However, I couldn’t pursue this talent of mine much as studies came in the way. I could help my Mom or Granny at times only.

Years later, when we had shifted to a new home, my husband gifted me an electric sewing machine on my birthday – such a sweet gesture! However, there was a secret intention – he made me stich all the curtains, pillow covers and likewise that you can see in my home!

Do you have a hobby?
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