Wednesday, April 18, 2018

P- Pressure

What does the word “Pressure” remind you of? Force per unit area? Work pressure? Blood pressure?

As I pose this question, it intrigues my mind wondering about different kinds of pressures we operate under on a daily basis, some affecting us subconsciously. Can we release all of it just like the whistle of pressure cookers in our kitchens?

I see children being pressurized to study harder and harder, take tuitions, etc leaving them with very limited time to play or engage in other activities. What are they being made to run after? Cases of students committing suicide are on the rise, mostly just because they cannot handle the burden of studies, and peer pressure.

We being social beings, are often guided by what others may think. However, we tend to forget that we have no obligations to satisfy the so called “others” and in truth, we really cannot do so. It is actually an art to politely face questions about when one wishes to get married or have children, career options, and likewise.

As professionals, we have to operate within tight deadlines and also manage different responsibilities. The work environment also plays a critical role, affecting our productivity. Coupled with age and gradual degeneration of our general health, adapting oneself to changes and keeping things going is a very big challenge.

Have you ever thought about this?
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The Cynical Sailor said...

When I think of pressure, I think about work. So many people face such pressure at work that the stress causes them to be sick.

Jo said...

I recently discovered atmospheric pressure can cause migraines so that turns out to be a big problem.

I think kids are getting too much pressure from their parents and teachers these days.