Tuesday, April 24, 2018

U- Umbrella

One thing that is permanent in my bag is my umbrella, whichever season or time of day it may be. Can you guess the reason behind this?

It is a habit that has stayed with me since childhood. My hometown, Kolkata (earlier known as Calcutta) enjoys a very balanced climate. It is usually sunny, and whenever it gets too hot, the city gets rain. Thus, an umbrella would be the companion of most citizens, especially the women, as it comes in handy both when it is sunny or when it is pouring.

As children, we were possessive about our umbrellas to the extent of embroidering our names on the edge. Also I remember stitching frills around my umbrella as a child, just to decorate it.

That reminds me of a disaster which very few people know about. Encouraged by the appreciation received for the frill stitching initiative, I decided to go experimental with my creativity. My Dad’s umbrella was a boring black one, and had a big diameter. He rarely used to carry it. So one day, I punctured neat holes in it in different sizes, stitched patterns in some and made it look very innovative.

I was disappointed to see the horrified look on my Dad’s face! I told him it would create different patterns on the road when the sunlight poured through it, and he asked me in return, “What about the rain?”

What is your constant companion?
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